I'm loving the new me!


It's been six weeks so far and I can definitely see and feel the results. I'm really into it! Having someone push you harder just makes it work all the better. I'm loving the new me. Thank you New Level!


I am now very proud of my body

Joining New Level Personal Training has had such a significant impact on my life. I first joined New Level feeling overweight and unfit, hampered in my ability to exercise due to long term knee problems which made even the shortest jog incredibly painful. Over the 3 years that I have been at New Level I have gained strength and tone, lost weight and am now very proud of my body. Most significantly however, and due in no small part to the tireless efforts of my wonderful trainer Jacki, my knee problems have shown radical improvement to the point where I am now able to run short distances pain free. Joining New Level was one of the best decisions I have made, and I would highly recommend  it to anyone with injuries or long term issues that prevent them from exercising as it will show you that it is possible to turn it around and become fit, strong and healthy.

Olivia Graham

I am physically & mentally stronger

I’ve walked past the New Level sign many times, always with guilt! The day finally came when I threw myself in the door and up the Stairway to Heaven, I was pleasantly surprised with the easy atmosphere and genuine approach, these guys are real!
 I am now entering my seventh month with my personal trainer Jacki. I used to think P.T’s were out of my league but have found the benefits have actually saved me money! I am now physically and mentally stronger, my aches and pains have gone! You know it’s the little things that count, like reaching into the back of the cupboard, getting in and out of the car, without a sigh, carrying the groceries with no huff n puff. I have learned to improve so I can lead a better life. Why don’t you?