At New Level Personal Training we believe in “Real Food Nutrition”. Establishing a well balanced eating plan that is sustainable long term, fits in with your lifestyle and compliments your training is our number one aim!

Training on its own will get you fit and strong and you might even lose some weight, however without a proper eating plan your results will be minimal at best. A proper, thought out eating plan makes up over 80% of your results.

At New Level we understand the difference between a fad diet and a nutritious lifestyle plan. We understand the peaks and troughs of dieting and the struggle that goes with going “cold turkey!”.

In our experience it is best to monitor, alter and progress towards the ideal diet over time. There are always some significant areas we can target initially which help in achieving fast results, and then it’s a matter of building good habits and refining our every day diet.

At the beginning and then periodically we ask our clients to complete a “Food Diary” to track the foods they are eating and also identify when they are eating.

The process of completing a Food Diary identifies bad habits quickly and allows us to see which area of the client’s current diet we need to address first.


Some common themes we identify are:

  • Skipping breakfast.
  • All meals carbohydrate heavy with little to no protein included.
  • Portion sizes too large
  • Not eating enough during the day
  • Too often choosing “fast food” due to being busy
  • No focus on preparation of food
  • Treating too often. It’s not a treat if you have it all the time!
  • Too much processed food & too much sugar.
  • No awareness of what is actually in Package Food.
  • Too much soft drink and/or alcohol.

Over the course of your training with us, we educate you on how to overcome some of these nutrition hurdles and also give you the knowledge to make the right healthy choice going forward.

Pre-Exercise Questionnaire