12 Tips To Shape Up For Summer!



Four of New Level Personal Training’s best trainers got together and decided on their 3 best tips to Shape Up For Summer. So when we put them all together we have 12 Tips to get in shape. The tips in no particular order are:

1. Stop Eating Processed Food, Eat Natural Food

2. Drink More Water and Green Tea

3. Do Whole Body Exercises

4. Stick To A Meal Plan

5. Cut Out Alcohol

6. Increase The Workout Intensity

7. Lift Heavier Weights

8. Do High Intensity Cardio Intervals

9. Cut Out All Sugar From Your Diet

10. Train At Least 4 Times Per Week

11. Drink More Water During The Day

12. Cut Out All Take-Away Food

So, there you have it!!! 12 Tips to think about in the lead up to Summer.

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