New level Personal Training exists to serve the Yarraville community by providing professional assistance in exercise & nutrition.

Our brand’s longevity speaks for its self, we are reaching the 10 year mark & over the years our team of Personal Trainers have helped individuals achieve their goals. Our purpose is educating our community to a better & healthier lifestyle.

New Level Personal Training is Yarraville’s premier fitness center. Located right in the heart of Anderson Street we are convenient, professional & your “go to” local trainer.

Our Point Of Difference

Convenience – Unlike most gyms, we are situated amongst the shopping and cafe district which allows our clients to combine their workout with their other daily activities, or simply enjoy a coffee at one of the many cafes just meters away from our studio.

Being less than 100 meters away from the bus and train station means getting to our studio for your workout is never a hassle.

Latest Equipment – At New Level we pride ourselves on our ability to train clients using all sorts of equipment, from Boxing Pads, to Cable Crossover machines and even Power Bags and Ropes. We have the best commercial equipment to cater for all clients and their goals. Whether your goal is functional strength, power, aerobic fitness or toning, we have the equipment to get you there!

Trainers - New Level Personal Trainers are highly qualified, professional, experienced and humble. We understand it’s not all about us! You won’t see a New Level Personal Trainer talking about themselves and how much they can lift or how far they can run. We have a motto that we live and work by… “It’s all about YOU”. 

We genuinely love seeing our clients achieve their goals, and client results are what make a good trainer, so that is what we focus on.

Affordable – At New Level we have priced our service to be affordable and still be able to pay our trainers well for their hard work and dedication. We have not increased our price for over 5 years and believe in always ensuring the value for money stays high!

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